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About Brookworth Homes

Brookworth Homes sets new benchmarks in property design, construction and interior innovation to ensure the ultimate living experience for you and your family.

Our location-first approach, meticulous interior and exterior architectural design and the integration of leading-edge entertainment, security and lifestyle features elevates standards of accommodation and redefines the living experience.

Quality, sustainability, environmental management and technical innovation are a centerpiece of every Brookworth Homes development. In addition to considerate land sourcing and development planning that respects and enhances each locality, we also utilise the most advanced and environmentally sustainable materials and construction methods.

This includes innovative drainage systems, natural and regenerated materials and energy-efficient technologies that enhance the living experience whilst securing and protecting your home.

We also have in place a dedicated team comprising designers, interior and exterior architects, project managers and construction teams, along with contractor and technology partners, to uphold our values and ethos.

Attention to Detail

Every detail is meticulously planned inside and out to deliver stunning homes that enhance the locality and deliver a refined and luxurious living experience. Interior and exterior space planning, building materials, interior architecture and design, appliances, technologies and development planning all combine to ensure a perfect result designed to surpass the lifestyle expectations of owners.

The Experience

Our aim is to deliver an unrivalled experience for home buyers. This experience is not only delivered through exemplary properties based on architectural excellence, build quality and advanced technology, it also encompasses the buying experience too.


From the procurement of land to the completion of a Brookworth Homes development we respect the local demographic. The personality and complexion of each locality drives our approach to architectural design, ensuring it is compatible with the history, style and ambience of each area. Brookworth Homes sources the highest quality materials, and our traditional build approach ensures solidity, longevity and timeless design based on the most advanced and sustainable construction methods available.


The integration of leading-edge systems and technologies; spanning lighting, heating, air conditioning, drainage, security, fire detection, WI-Fi provision, water and waste management, appliances and high-tech entertainment systems ensure an unparalleled living experience. We have painstakingly researched and developed relationships with world-class technology and systems partners that elevate standards of everyday living based on sound principles of environmental integrity and energy efficiency.

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