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Unlock your land potential

Brookworth Homes specialises in the procurement of land for residential, commercial and back garden development.

With  a depth of technical and commercial expertise across all land categories, we assess each individual case and advise on planning scope and potential, and what can be achieved to maximise commercial returns on the sale or release of your land.

Our relationships with planning authorities and in-depth knowledge of planning application processes makes Brookworth Homes perfectly positioned to offer tailored advice based on your individual circumstances. 

We specialise in land procurement in the following key areas:

  • Garden Land - private land release for considerate development on back garden land

  • Greenfield - development opportunities on released greenbelt for sustainable new developments

  • Brownfield/derelict - the regeneration of derelict land and repurposing of brownfield to advance economic and urban improvement

  • Commercial - the procurement of land for commercial regeneration and the expansion of local business development

Our experienced Land Team is happy to explain the process step-by-step and discuss in greater detail how you could unlock the potential of your land or even the sale of the plot as a whole.

To make a free, no-obligation appointment for one of our team to visit you, please contact us on:

01737 236150

[email protected]

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