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19TH JUNE 2023

Which Brookworth Homes Property Style Is Right For You?

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For anyone looking to make their next move in life, it’s often a big decision and one that we all want to get right. Thankfully, Brookworth Homes designs exceptional properties in a variety of styles, so no matter what your priorities are when it comes to purchasing, we’re certain you’ll find a property type that’s right for you.

In this article we take a look at the variety of properties created by Brookworth Homes. From large detached houses, spacious semi-detached homes to energy efficient terraced properties and security conscious apartments. We guarantee there is a home for everyone. 

So, join us as we delve into the unique benefits of a Brookworth Homes property and help you to discover which one would suit your lifestyle and needs the best in your next move. 

Detached Houses

By their nature, detached properties are not connected to the neighbouring homes, which means there are no connecting walls. 

This means owners of detached properties benefit from increased privacy and reduced noise transference from neighbours. This detail alone makes detached homes particularly well suited to buyers who value their peace and quiet.

Detached properties also typically have more outside space, again increasing privacy and ensuring you’re not overlooked. Having that extra outside space means you’ll have more room in which to indulge in hobbies such as gardening. 

If you have a particular desire to improve your outside space, detached properties also give you the benefit of making changes (within reason) without having to inform your neighbours about the planned work - although to retain neighbourly relations we would recommend doing this out of courtesy.

At Brookworth Homes, we take the time to carefully select only the finest fixtures and fittings for all of our properties, but our detached homes, such as the Eastport at The Hamptons in West Horsley, typically come with the best specification as standard. 

You can read more about what brands we use and why in a previous article. 

Semi-Detached Houses

Semi-detached properties, like those found at Fairways in Burgess Hill, are typically two houses set close together with an adjoining wall between them. 

One of the main benefits of living in a semi-detached Brookworth Homes property is that they are typically more affordable than their detached counterparts. Yet despite our semi-detached houses offering a more cost-effective option, they do so without compromising on quality. 

This means our semi-detached properties still feature all the high-end luxurious finishes, fixtures and fittings you’ll find in our more expensive properties.

Without question, every Brookworth Homes property is designed to maximise the feeling of light and space for its owners. The brick and block construction methods used in our semi-detached properties mean that we are able to carefully consider optimum wall placement, ensuring all of our semi-detached homes feel as open and spacious as possible.

One of the perceived downsides of a semi-detached property is the potential for noise transfer between adjoining walls. However, every Brookworth Homes property is crafted with high-quality materials and construction methods. This helps eliminate such noises and therefore ensures you can enjoy a quiet, peaceful home at all times whilst also feeling secure that your neighbour is close by should you need them. 

Our semi-detached properties also come with the added benefit of garages and parking spaces. Not only are both of these a particular benefit to buyers who may be looking to reduce the distance between a vehicle and the front door, but they also provide peace of mind that your car is secure and protected from the elements.  

Terraced Houses

Fairways in Burgess Hill is a desirable collection of brand new Brookworth Homes properties which include a selection of luxurious terraced homes. This style of home within the development comes with their own unique benefits that set them apart from the other property types created by Brookworth Homes.

If energy efficiency is high on your priority list for your next home, a terraced property is the ideal choice. Having a neighbouring property with an adjoining wall on one or both sides can help conserve heat, resulting in you using less energy to warm up your home and ultimately helping you to have a smaller carbon footprint.

Terraced houses are also more economical to purchase. If price point is your main concern when buying your next home, terraced homes enable you to enjoy many of the benefits of the luxurious specification available in our larger properties for a much lower price.

The specifications included in a Brookworth Homes terraced property include: underfloor heating on all ground floors, a designer kitchen with high-end appliances, stunning porcelain tiled bathrooms and an array of the latest smart home technology, such as ambient automated lighting, ceiling speakers and video doorbells.


An apartment is a living space that is typically housed within a larger building, designed to be a more compact and efficient form of housing. The Exchange is an exclusive collection of 2 and 3-bedroom premium apartments in the heart of upmarket Cheltenham. 

The apartments created by Brookworth Homes offer the same high-quality finish and construction methods you’ll find throughout our developments, such as underfloor heating, but they also offer their own unique benefits that you won’t find in the other property types we’ve covered above. 

As there is no outside space beyond the ground floor, apartments require less maintenance than other property types. This makes them the perfect option for those looking for a property that requires minimal time to be spent carrying out regular gardening tasks. 

Apartments also offer added peace of mind as they come with an extra level of security via the video entry systems located in the main entrance.

Did You Find Your Perfect Match?

By exploring the benefits of the different property types offered by Brookworth Homes, we hope this article has helped you decide what your priorities are for your next house purchase and which style of home would be best suited to your needs. 

Whether it’s privacy and space, energy efficiency or low maintenance that you are looking for, at Brookworth Homes we are certain to have a property that is right for you. 

Contact us today and we will be happy to discuss all options available to help with your next move.

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