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How advances in home security can help keep your property safe from burglars

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Many of us spend our entire working lives dreaming of the adventures we’ll have when we retire, and with our love of foreign holidays, it’s no surprise to hear that international travel regularly makes the bucket list.

The rise in popularity of downsizing in recent years has given more financial freedom to people of retirement age. So much so that the latest surveys suggest the over 60’s now travel more than any other age group, as capital once tied up in their property asset now facilitates foreign adventures and even the purchase of holiday homes abroad.

Whilst the older generation may be travelling more, according to research by Philips Lighting, 51% of us worry about our homes being burgled whilst we’re away. Thankfully home break-ins are relatively rare in the UK, and whilst the latest crime statistics in the UK show a 31% decrease in burglaries compared to pre-Covid pandemic levels, anyone with first-hand experience of their home being burgled knows too well what a distressing experience it can be for the whole family.

At Brookworth Homes, we take the concern for keeping your property safe while you’re abroad very seriously, which is why incorporating smart home security that uses the latest technology, is a core value of the homes we create.

In this article, we review a selection of the latest home security features and discuss what you should look for if you are considering downsizing to a new build property.

Smart Security Features

Advances in modern technology have enabled a raft of home security features to be introduced into the market, many of which are now being incorporated into the construction of new build properties.

Brookworth Homes incorporate smart security features as part of the luxurious specifications provided in their brand-new homes. They also come with fast fibre broadband installed to ensure nothing stops you from protecting your home from unwanted visitors from the moment you get the keys.

Control4 Automation

At the centre of the smart home security features provided by Brookworth Homes is the Control4 Touch Screen. This conveniently positioned and easy-to-use interface lets you quickly visualise and control all your home's smart home security features.

So even if you don’t consider yourself an accomplished ‘silver surfer’ when you move into your new Brookworth Home, we’re confident you’ll quickly feel comfortable using all the features, so your family are protected, and your property is safe whilst you are away.

There are several core elements to the smart home security ecosystem that you’ll find in your Brookworth Home, all of which can be controlled via the screens within the property or via your smartphone whilst you’re on the move:

  • CCTV

  • Video Doorbells

  • Hard Wired Alarm Systems

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

What better way to keep an eye on your property when you’re on holiday than being able to see what’s going on from the comfort of your sun lounger. The latest CCTV cameras make it easy to check in on your home from anywhere in the world by using your phone or tablet.

Gone are the days of fuzzy monitors and grainy images that are too dark to interpret. Instead, today’s high-definition CCTV cameras used in Brookworth Homes properties deliver clear and crisp footage and superior low-light images without motion blur to ensure you have the best visibility of your home - even at night.

The cameras installed by Brookworth Homes monitor your property continuously. So whether you are checking in on your home via your smartphone or not, you can enjoy complete peace of mind that all the footage is being backed up on a 2TB Drive. This allows you to review in real time what happened over the course of the previous day, week or even the month.

Video Doorbell

An essential part of keeping your home safe while you are not there is ensuring visitors and potential intruders are aware that the property is being monitored.

Brookworth Homes install video doorbells, so whether you are simply busy elsewhere in the house or thousands of miles away, you can see who is at your front door and communicate with them from the safety and comfort of your smartphone.

The Control4 Doorbell comes equipped with motion detection, so you’ll receive an alert that a package has been delivered, even if the driver doesn’t press the doorbell. Our intelligent motion control systems can also be fully customised to react differently based on the time of day or your individual requirements.

Hard Wired Alarm System

All Brookworth Homes are built with alarm systems installed that are hard-wired into the property. We take care to hide all the essential cabling, and the controls are neatly encased into the touchscreen control panels, ensuring your home's aesthetic is not impaired in any way. Just like your fire alarms, because the alarm systems are hard-wired, there is no need to replace the batteries or have any concerns that the system could fail when you need it the most.

Your hard-wired alarm system comes complete with the latest connected technology, providing alerts on your smartphone or tablet whenever triggered, whilst motion sensors keep a watchful eye over both the inside and exterior of your property and are fitted in areas such as the garage.

Our smart motion sensors can be adapted for use with pets so that you can determine how sensitive you need them to be. In addition, shock sensors built into the ground-floor windows and door contacts can detect intruders or alert you if you leave a door or window ajar when you leave the house.

If it is your time to move and home security is at the top of your list of requirements, why not look at the latest selection of Brookworth Homes developments currently for sale and coming soon. Alternatively, get in touch if you want more information on the home security features included in properties built by Brookworth Homes.

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