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Discover The Unique Architectural Marvels of Skylarks: A Design Enthusiast's Dream

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Searching for a new home that echoes elegance, style and innovation? At Brookworth Homes we are known for our expertise in luxury home construction and are dedicated to redefining the very notion of what a home can be.

Unlike conventional homes, luxury homes are characterised by their unique features, superior quality and exquisite details. They go beyond the standard to offer an unparalleled living experience, designed with precision, constructed with the highest-quality materials and featuring remarkable architectural and design elements.

In this article, we'll delve into Brookworth Homes' commitment to innovative architectural and design elements and showcase specific examples of how they have been incorporated into our latest development, Skylarks.

Architectural Elements At Skylarks

Our flagship development, Skylarks, showcases architectural elements that not only enhance the aesthetics of our homes, but also contribute to the functionality of our properties. 

Brookworth Homes is proud to be at the forefront of luxury home construction. Our approach to house building merges innovative design, superior craftsmanship and a dedication to setting new standards in home construction. In addition to our commitment to innovation, we take immense pride in the architectural features that grace the properties within our developments. 

Let's explore some of these extraordinary features:

Aesthetically Designed Roofs

One of the most noticeable features of the homes at Skylarks is the aesthetically designed roofs, which are not only functional, but also add character and charm to the houses. We pride ourselves on using different styles and materials to create roofs that suit the house type and the surroundings for which our developments are located. For example, some of the plots at Skylarks have low-level roofs that are created with bespoke carpentry and finished with lead. 

Lead allows for detailed finishes such as scallop and roll, which give the roofs a distinctive look. The low level roofs also provide the added benefit of increasing and extending the space in ground floor rooms by giving higher ceilings in the kitchen, dining and family room as well as the study and drawing room.


Another example of our attention to roof design is the catslide on Kemp house types at Skylarks. A catslide is a roof that starts at the highest point and ends at the ground floor level, creating a beautiful and unique sloping effect. This unique roof style is not a common sight in residential construction as it can require up to four scaffolding lifts to complete the construction process. 

However, at Brookworth Homes we embrace this extra layer of added complexity as we know it adds a tremendous amount of character and we know our clients will fall in love with the design. Catslide roof styles can be found on plot 5 and plot 43 at the Skylarks.

Brick Arches Over Doors

Visit plots 5 and 43 at the Skylarks and you’ll be greeted by decorative brick archways which provide a wonderful sense of grandeur and elegance to the entrance. 

These unique architectural additions are crafted with high-quality bricks that match the colour and style of the house and require skilled craftsmanship and precision to create. This is yet another detail that we embrace to make a Brookworth Homes property unique and highly desirable.


Visit any of our new build development and one of the most noticeable signs of quality is the number of gables. Gables are triangular sections of a wall at the end of a pitched roof, which add height and dimension to a house. The aim of a gable is to make a property look more impressive and attractive. However, these are often neglected by many house builders as they also add more complexity to the roof construction. 

We are happy to invest in the additional scaffolding lifts required to create stunning gables as we believe they add beauty, character and undeniable quality to the properties we create. 

Sussex Style Finishes

At Brookworth Homes we value the communities we choose for our developments, which is why the finishes and styles of properties we create blend in with the local environment. 

Traditional Sussex homes often feature a combination of hanging wall tiles above facing brick at the lower levels, which give local houses a rustic and cosy feel. These Sussex style finishes may require more materials and labour than standard finishes, but we invest in these details to ensure the properties at Skylarks complement other houses in the local area and have architectural merit in their own right.

Flint is also a type of stone that is locally sourced and used to make certain local houses stand out. You’ll find these beautifully detailed and exceptionally durable finishes at plot 2 and plot 45 of Skylarks.

Decorative Brickwork

At Skylarks you’ll also find brick details under ground floor windows which add interest and variation to the façade of the houses. This is another finish that requires more skill and attention to detail than standard brickwork, and shows the level of quality and craftsmanship employed to create our homes.

Decorative brickwork also appears above the windows. These are bricks that have a different style than the rest of the wall, creating more variation to the elevations. They can be curved, angled or textured, depending on the house type and design. 

Plot 43 at Skylarks features facing brickwork that is also painted white. This adds variation to the development and makes this plot unique in its own right. 

Aluminium Windows And Bi-Fold Doors

The last architectural feature at Skylarks to cover in this article is the use of aluminium windows and bi-fold doors. Not only do they perfectly complement the style of the houses, but they are finished in either light grey or black, depending on the property and add a touch of elegance that sets properties on this development apart.

In conclusion

Skylarks is not your run-of-the-mill housing development; it's a testament to innovation, architectural excellence and a redefined approach to luxury living. It encapsulates our dedication at Brookworth Homes to creating new homes that exceed the conventional and offer a lifestyle that's beyond the ordinary. And if that’s not enough, another benefit to this fantastic development is you could move in before Christmas!

For further information about the Skylarks development or any of the properties featured within it, please contact our sales team. Our show homes are available for visits on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 5pm. For appointments during the week, please call 01273 254054.

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