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How to achieve the perfect work from home set up

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Almost half of all working adults were working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic, but as life has returned to normal, working from home, or hybrid working, looks like it's here to stay.

In a recent Government survey, 23% of businesses will incorporate an element of homeworking in their business model, as such many home movers are looking for properties with a study or home office.

Brookworth Homes properties are carefully crafted with the needs of those who work from home in mind. In this article we take a look at 6 features that will help you work from home.

Spacious Study Rooms

Since most hybrid or home working roles in 2023 are reliant on spending the majority of time in front of a computer screen, having a dedicated, quiet place to concentrate, such as a study, provides a sense of privacy and separation from the rest of the home.

A spacious study, like you’ll find in the Eastport style of home on Brookworth Homes development The Hamptons in West Horsley in Surrey, provides ample room for a comfortable, well equipped home working space.

A dedicated study allows you to separate work from family life, thus helping to reduce distractions and therefore increase productivity.

Large picture windows in your Brookworth Homes study will also ensure you are working in a brightly lit environment which is properly ventilated, both of which are proven to help maintain your mood and motivation throughout the working day.

Pre-Installed Fibre And Cat6e Data Cables

The secret to a stress free work from home life is a good internet connection.

With virtual meetings now playing a significantly bigger role throughout the working day, having pre-installed fibre-optic to your new home, which simply needs to be connected to a provider, is exactly what you’ll find inside your new Brookworth Homes property.

Pre-installed fibre-optic comes with several benefits, the first being much faster internet speeds compared to traditional broadband, making it ideal for video conferencing.

Fibre is also more reliable and less prone to signal loss, essential when you may have family in the rest of the house steaming TV or participating in online activities like video calls or FaceTime. This dependable connection helps ensure low stress levels are maintained at all times.

In every Brookworth Homes property, you’ll find the latest modern technology which includes CAT6e data cables. This gives you the benefit of the best connection throughout your home, but also added flexibility to work from any room in the house should you wish.

It also means you have the most future-proof cabling installed in your property from the moment you move in, which will save you both time and money on upgrades in the future.

To help you move in smoothly, all you’ll need to do is install the WiFi router of your choosing and then it’s a quick, straightforward process to get your luxurious new work from home space operational.

Floor And Wall Sockets

An often overlooked advantage of having a dedicated work from home space or study within your home, is the ability to place your furniture wherever you like.

At Brookworth Homes we take great care in the design and placement of our power and cable sockets, which means you have greater flexibility to create your perfect work from home office.

Floor/wall power and data sockets are also really good for helping you keep cables organised, thus reducing clutter and making spaces more visually appealing. Whilst a tidy cable setup can aid with the aesthetic of a room, it also has practical uses such as preventing tripping hazards.

Quiet Space

Whether your children are still at home studying or your grandchildren are visiting, you’ll know how sound can travel, especially when you are trying to concentrate - but there is no need to worry with a Brookworth Homes property.

We take great pride in employing premium construction methods to ensure maximum comfort and enjoyment for their homeowners.

One such example is solid concrete flooring, which eliminates noise transference, combined with extra insulation between rooms to create the most tranquil and serene workspace possible. So, no matter what the disturbance may be, you’re guaranteed to have a quiet study where you can concentrate without any distractions.

Underfloor Heating

One of the best ways to create a productive work space is to make sure your home is set to your ideal temperature. To do so, you’ll want to heat your work space in the most efficient and comfortable way possible.

Many Brookworth Homes properties feature underfloor heating. Not only does it keep your toes toasty under your desk throughout the day, it also eliminates unsightly wall mounted radiators which take up unnecessary room space and removes them from the backdrop of your video conference calls.

Smart Home Automation

Having the ability to adjust the lighting or temperature of your home from within your designated work space can have several benefits throughout your work day.

Selected Brookworth Homes properties boast the installation of the premium Control4 Home Automation system, allowing for effortless control over lighting and temperature in your home office, elevating the living and working experience to new heights.

You can also use Control4 to control your audio and video systems, allowing you to play background music while you work and also monitor your home security cameras from the comfort of your office chair.

If you’re currently homeworking and are looking for the perfect work from home set up in your next property, why not check out the latest developments from Brookworth Homes, where you can find out how your dream work from home set up can be turned into a reality.

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