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5TH MAY 2023

Living the Good Life: Open Plan Living and Gardening for a Healthy Home

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Gardening and spending time outdoors have long been known for their positive effects on mental health and physical wellbeing. In a world where we spend a great deal of time at home, whether that be working or relaxing, what better way to improve our overall health and quality of life, than to find a way to take the outdoor space and incorporate it seamlessly into open plan living.

In this article we explore the range of Brookworth Homes properties that have been designed with this in mind and let you into some of the trade secrets that allow us to make open plan living feel so special.

The Perfect Pairing Of Indoors And Outdoors

At Brookworth Homes, we take the time to make sure every home feels more unique and tailored to incoming buyers than the last. Which is why we design our homes so that comfort goes beyond four walls. 

But, before any of the plans are drawn up or the first foundation is laid, from the outset Brookworth Homes aim to select sites that are in locations fitting for the high quality of lifestyle we believe our clients deserve. Thanks to its idyllic location on the edge of the stunning South Downs National Park, in West Sussex, The Vale in Burgess Hill is just one example of the care taken by Brookworth Homes to provide a superior standard of contemporary living.

The properties on our developments* feature open plan living which allows the outside space to flow seamlessly with the inside. But to make this happen there are some details to the design to ensure things flow smoothly. 

Let's start with the transition from inside to out. In order for this to happen successfully, you’ll find a level threshold whereby the inside of the home is level with the outside space - there are no steps to walk down and nothing to interrupt the flow of the property with its surroundings.

For those looking to entertain guests, generous patio space provides the ideal setting for a barbecue or summer soirée. Look closely, and you’ll realise that our patio areas are also level so there’s plenty of space for outdoor furniture. 

A level lawn aids in the aesthetic, which is why we come as close to that as possible - we strive for a 1:50 gradient to ensure adequate drainage in our beautifully landscaped gardens. 

Aluminium bi-fold doors finish off the free-flowing transition so that you get a truly seamless connection between indoors and out. This layout makes Brookworth Homes properties ideal for families - while the children play outside, parents can keep a watchful eye from within. 

The Simple Pleasures Of Gardening

One of the most significant benefits of gardening is its ability to reduce stress and anxiety. The physical activity involved in gardening, coupled with the exposure to nature, can help calm the mind and improve your mood. Studies have shown that people who spend time gardening, experience less stress and better mental health compared to those who don't.

Gardening is also a great way to improve physical health. Digging, planting, weeding, and watering all require physical exertion, making gardening a form of exercise that can help to improve cardiovascular health, muscle strength and flexibility - in fact just 30 minutes of gardening can burn up to 150 calories, making it a fun and effective way to stay active.

In addition to the physical benefits, gardening can also boost the immune system - exposure to sunlight helps the body produce vitamin D, which is essential for our immune systems.

So, whether you’re planting your next herb garden or simply spending an afternoon tending to a vegetable patch or mowing the lawn, gardening can be a fun and rewarding way to stay active, reduce stress and connect with nature.

However, we do understand that gardening may not be for everyone, which is why at Brookworth Homes, our sustainable garden design and landscaping ensures any outside space is still manageable for those who are not particularly green-fingered. 

We also make sure that the design of the outside space is considerate of those who live within our properties. As a nation of dog lovers and lovers of the great outdoors, we’ve also made sure that there’s a warm blended external tap fitted alongside a standard cold tap, ideal for hosing down the wellington boots or the family dog after a muddy walk.

The Joy Of Open Plan Living

Heading inside your Brookworth Homes property you’ll discover a gorgeous open plan layout which has been designed with contemporary living in mind. 

Open plan living has become increasingly popular in recent years as there are several benefits to this style of home which make it a particularly desirable choice for families.

By removing dividing walls and barriers between the internal living spaces, open plan living allows for greater social interaction and connectivity within the home - people can interact more freely, making it easier to communicate and socialise with family and friends.

Open plan living creates a brighter and more spacious atmosphere by allowing natural light to flow freely throughout the space. This makes the home feel more open, airy and luxurious. 

An open plan layout also offers you more flexibility and adaptability in terms of how the space is used. Without fixed walls dividing the internal space, it can be easily reconfigured to accommodate different activities and needs as your family circumstances change. 

This makes it a great choice for those who like to entertain regularly but also for families with young children who may be looking to section off a play area at some point or for those who may require a quiet space to work from home or study. 

Finally, open plan living can also be more energy-efficient as natural light and heat can circulate more freely throughout the space, reducing the need for artificial lighting and heating.

Communal Spaces

The care taken to create a harmonious living space for those who live in a Brookworth Homes property goes far beyond the four walls and garden fences of an individual plot, with thoughtful landscaping applied across our wider developments and into our communal areas.

When you next visit a Brookworth Homes development, you’ll discover that the same high standard of care and attention we devote to the inside of our homes, is clearly evident in the shared spaces of the wider development.

If you would like to find out more about the specifications of the homes within any of our developments, simply contact us and we will be happy to help answer any questions you may have.

*Excluding The Exchange in Cheltenham.

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