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10TH JUNE 2024

Behind the scenes: the craftsmanship of Brookworth Homes

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At Brookworth Homes, we prioritise high-quality craftsmanship to ensure a luxury living experience for our residents. Don't take our word for it—check out our joinery video below for a detailed look at the quality we guarantee. Our behind-the-scenes video showcases the Skylarks' development and the incredible joinery craftsmanship in our homes.

A glimpse inside Brookworth Homes

We craft homes with your lifestyle in mind, ensuring every detail speaks to your unique way of living. When we built the custom media unit for the living area, we kept entertainment needs front and centre, creating a design that provides a space for relaxation and entertainment for our customers.

The custom media unit has low-level cupboards and shelving above it to create a unit that not only adds functionality to the space but also elevates the overall design aesthetic. At Brookworth Homes, the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into the design of their homes is evident in every aspect - including the lighting. We incorporated lighting controlled by a Lutron keypad to enhance the overall experience. We also added a sleek finish composite worktop to blend with the kitchen seamlessly.

Behind the scenes

Step up in style: the Oak staircase

As you go further into the property, you will see the Oak staircase crafted with customers' experience in mind. Have you ever experienced a staircase that creaks when you walk on it? We paid attention to these details and made sure that the staircase was built with solidity and craftsmanship, with reduced movement and creaking. In addition to prioritising functionality, we also focused on high-quality design. The balustrade is finished with black iron or galvanised steel spindles, adding a touch of elegance to your home.

The Brookworth difference

The choice of doors is an often overlooked factor that plays a significant role in a home's appearance. In the Skylarks development, we installed internal Deuren doors, which are the perfect complement to the home's quality. The doors have magnetised latches, concealed hinges, and an acoustic seal to create a secure and peaceful atmosphere. The 'Mandelli 1953' handles, chosen for their Italian design, provide a stunning contrast with the classic Victorian design of the Duren doors.

The luxurious triple-stepped skirting showcases the care and precision we put into every detail of your home. These may be factors you hadn't even considered, but attention to detail in various factors can significantly impact the quality and ambience of a home.

Designing dream bedrooms at Brookworth

Now, let's talk about the ultimate cosy room - the bedroom! We design our bedrooms with convenience and relaxation in mind. The bespoke, fully fitted and carcassed wardrobes offer ample storage with a thoughtful layout. Forget about the hassle of running out of space with our wardrobes. Soft-close hinges or sliding doors, with an array of storage options, including shelves, hanging rails, and drawers, ensure you can move in without a worry.

Securing elegance: the craft behind our front doors

We have discussed the craftsmanship that goes into all our doors, but what about the most crucial door in the home? The Duren front door represents solidity and security. Crafted with a multi-point locking system, layers of soft and hardwood, and 'Simon's-work Tectus' hinges for total peace of mind.

Discover luxury living with Brookworth Homes

At Brookworth's, we take pride in our attention to detail and strive for perfection in every aspect of the construction process. From the initial design phase to the final finishing touches, every step of building a Brookworth Home is carefully considered.

This is more than a house; it's a masterpiece of luxury living. Experience the elegance, comfort, and attention to detail that only Brookworth Homes can offer.

For more details on our developments, contact us here.

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