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The heart of the home: Brookworth Homes' kitchens are a symphony of style and substance

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In luxury homes, the kitchen goes beyond its traditional role, evolving into a multifunctional space where cooking, socialising and living merge. 

At Brookworth Homes, we understand the pivotal role of kitchens in modern living. They’re no longer just for cooking. They’ve become the heart of the home where all sorts of activities take place. People spend time together in them, chat, create and eat meals, entertain guests and sometimes even work or help children with homework. Thanks to design trends and ever-evolving appliances, kitchens are now a key spot in the house where life unfolds – it's where you’re likely to find everyone gathering, whether there’s food cooking or not. 

Our approach to kitchen design harmonises luxury with practicality, creating spaces that are both delightful to look at and supremely functional. Let’s delve a little deeper below.

The heart of the home: a symphony of style and substance

Our kitchens are conceived with the philosophy that they’re the heart of the home. We blend classic kitchen decor with convenient fixtures to create a culinary sanctuary that encourages you to spend time there. 


Sleek handleless cabinet doors in oak veneer or lacquer finishes form the backbone of our kitchen designs. The flush design lends itself to a spacious, streamlined room. Soft-close cupboards and drawers make for a gentle and quiet finishing touch. 


We make two-tone contrasting finishes a standout feature, adding depth and character. Dark units are cleverly juxtaposed with lighter shades across softer furnishings, for a dynamic and inviting atmosphere. 

Units and worktops

Marble-effect quartz worktops add a touch of luxury, with the added bonus of durability, while the integration of LeMans Corner units means you can see and access all of your pans or jars.

Blanco Silgranit sink

The smart Blanco Silgranit undermount sink is made from a composite material, resisting scratches, stains and heat, making it ideal for the hustle and bustle of kitchen life. Its undermount design creates a seamless look with the countertop for a tidy aesthetic. The non-porous surface ensures easy cleaning and maintenance too.


Floating shelves prevent clutter, as you can display cookbooks, eye-catching cookware and treasured trinkets in your favourite room in the house, without taking up surface space.

Multifunctional spaces: from working to entertaining

Modern kitchens have evolved into versatile spaces where cooking meets comfort, seamlessly transitioning from a functional area for meal prep to a lively hub for work, entertainment and family gatherings.

Kitchen island

The increasingly popular kitchen island serves as a multipurpose hub, combining storage with a dining and work area. Simply set up with your laptop – it’s a change of scenery from your study. 

Ceiling speakers 

In our kitchens, you’ll find Sonance Visual Performance 6" in-ceiling speakers, which offer a seamless audio experience. Designed to blend discreetly into the ceiling, they provide superior sound quality without disrupting the aesthetic or taking up valuable counter or shelf space. Perfect for both music enthusiasts and those who enjoy background tunes while cooking or dining, these speakers deliver crisp, clear audio across the room. Ideal for entertaining too.

Warm features

Sculptural lighting fixtures and chandeliers, alongside plush breakfast bar stools, bring a living room's warmth to our kitchens, making them a place to rest and relax.  By seamlessly merging dining and family areas with inviting features, the kitchen is thoughtfully designed to not just accommodate but enhance daily life – from morning coffee rituals to doing homework together around the island.

Appliances: aesthetic elegance meets practical brilliance

At Brookworth Homes, we’ve always been at the vanguard of kitchen trends, with convenience front of mind. That’s why our kitchens feature top-of-range Miele appliances in black, and handy features like Quooker Flex taps.

Miele Artline Oven

This oven makes cooking great meals a breeze. Its touch controls are easy to use and its self-cleaning function means you can say goodbye to scrubbing. Its handleless look fits into the sleek kitchen design, proving that practical can still be stylish.

Miele Artline Induction Hob

Another time saver in the kitchen, the Miele Artline Induction Hob heats up fast and gives you great control over the temperature, all while being energy efficient. Its sleek top makes cleaning it safe. Plus, it's safe – it only heats up when there's a pan on it.

Miele Integrated Fridge Freezer

The integration of this fridge freezer into cabinetry ensures a seamless look, maintaining the kitchen's design flow. Inside, it's all about keeping your food fresher for longer, thanks to advanced cooling technology. The fridge freezer's efficient use of space, with adjustable shelving and compartments, is ideal for organisation. Its energy-efficient design means you'll save on power bills while keeping your food perfectly chilled or frozen, whether you're storing weekly groceries or preparing for a big gathering.

Quooker Flex Tap

The Quooker Flex Tap is a real game changer in the kitchen, offering an all-in-one solution for hot, cold, chilled, sparkling and boiling water. We know there’s nothing quite like a cup of tea at a moment’s notice, which is why we’ve included it. Its convenience is unparalleled; imagine instant hot water to top up your mug, chilled water for a refreshing drink or sparkling water for a dinner party, all from the same tap. There’s no need for multiple appliances like kettles and water filters, saving valuable countertop space. This tap also uses less electricity to keep water at boiling point compared to traditional kettles, making it a greener, cost-effective choice. Its safety features, including a child-proof handle and insulated spout, ensure peace of mind with little ones around.

mQuvée wine cooler

We’ve included a state-of-the-art mQuvée wine cooler for those who enjoy entertaining. Providing a constant temperature and humidity and excluding light, odours and vibration, mQuvée cabinets follow “the golden rules of wine storage”, so you can age your wine collection in the perfect conditions. 

The Brookworth signature: detail and craftsmanship

The kitchens in Brookworth Homes are more than just areas for cooking; they’re a celebration of the Brookworth difference and are spaces where families gather, meals are prepared with love and memories are cherished.

To see our kitchens at close hand, please contact our sales team to visit the Skylarks development or any of the properties featured within it. Our show homes are available for visits from Thursday to Monday from 10am to 5pm. To book your appointment please call 01273 254054.

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