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New build or old house - there's only ever one winner

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New builds

The allure of a new build is understandable, as there are a whole host of benefits, including the following:

Energy efficiency

New builds are renowned for being energy efficient. In fact, ours have features like underfloor heating and some also have solar panels. The underfloor heating means that our properties don’t have traditional radiators and can heat up quickly, so the heating can be turned off sooner when the desired room temperature is reached to save energy.

Easier to implement smart technology

When you think of new builds, you think of smart features – and with good reason. Many of the features of our smart homes are controlled with a Control4 Smart Home operating system. This means that you’ll always have control at your fingertips, using touchscreens in the home or a smartphone app wherever you are.

Our properties also house Lutron Homeworks, a system that lets you control lighting and blinds with the touch of a button. The result is that you can complement your mood, give yourself a boost, and create the perfect atmosphere with dimming programmes.

All properties have Palladiom Keypads in the place of traditional light switches. These have tactile buttons that are backlit with engraved text – so you can always see them easily in the dark.

Security you can count on

You should always feel secure in your home; it’s your haven after all. Our properties are designed with this in mind and have Chime video doorbells or Ring doorbells installed. When someone rings Chime, video snapshots are delivered directly to your mobile device or Control4 T4 Touchscreen. And with Ring, you get instant notifications on your smartphone. So wherever you are, you always know who is knocking at your door.

Ability to get on the Help-to-Buy scheme

The government launched this scheme to help hard-working first-time buyers get their foot on the ladder, but with a home they truly want.

With a Help-to-Buy loan the government can lend you up to 20% of the cost of your first new home. It’s a realistic helping hand, as you’ll then only need a 5% deposit and a 75% mortgage to make up the rest of the value.

Builder warranty

Builder warranties for new builds are typically thorough and great value. In fact, we provide two years of cover with our customer service team. This is alongside the total 10-year cover that’s provided as standard.

On top of this, new builds like ours are easy to move into. Appliances are already installed, and wardrobes are carcassed. There is very little to sort out with new builds, and they also offer the big benefit of being chain-free.

Old houses

If you’re the nostalgic type, old houses might be appealing to you. Period properties have certainly built a romantic reputation and it’s easy to see why. When considering whether to buy one, there are a number of things to think about, including:

Do you favour ‘character’?

If character and history are important to you, then period properties might be the route for you to take. Although new builds can be bursting with character too, some people prefer an old house with a real story to tell.

Is your desired property the ‘house that Jack built’?

Let’s be honest, old buildings can come with a ton of issues. Wear and tear, bodged jobs, old wiring … the list goes on. And on top of this, renovation costs can be expensive and continue to add up.

Everything from plumbing to electricals to roofing and tiling will need to be carefully surveyed and assessed, which is also going to incur expense. But this is essential if you want to avoid nasty surprises later down the line.

Knowledge is power

When you have an old home you will most likely have very little knowledge of its prior owners. When you have a new build you’ll know the property’s journey and plans since its conception, so you will always be in the know.

Final thoughts

You want your perfect place to call home. And there’s something hugely exciting and satisfying about living in a house that no one else has lived in. You can be the first person to take a shower there. To use the kitchen. To relax in the garden.

There’s no feeling like putting your own stamp on a blank-canvas property. Especially when the property already has smart home foundations, making your day-to-day living feel exceptional.

In our opinion, the charm of history can easily be surpassed by the power of starting afresh, so new builds are the clear winner.

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