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31ST MAY 2023

A Tidy Home Equals A Tidy Mind: The Benefits Of Smart Storage

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As the saying goes, a tidy home equals a tidy mind. Something many of us strive for as we feel the benefits of how peaceful and calm a tidy house can feel. This is one of the tiny but very important details we pay attention to at Brookworth Homes to help make your home feel even more special.

The peace and tranquillity offered by a tidy home can feel even more apparent in a new build property. Surrounded by brand new, sparking appliances, fixtures and fittings, your own, long-loved belongings need somewhere to live - not just to quiet the mind, but also to aid in the aesthetic of your brand new home. 

With this in mind, we’ve ensured that no matter where you’re moving from, when you arrive in one of our new homes, you’ll enjoy the clever storage solutions that are incorporated into the design of all our Brookworth Homes properties. 

So, whether you’re downsizing to a Brookworth Homes property but are still bringing an abundance of belongings acquired over the years, or perhaps you are a family with a never-ending supply of children’s toys, we dig into the details of where you can enjoy storing them all!

Storage Solutions

You can rest assured that when you move into your brand new Brookworth Homes property, that you’ll find beautifully finished fitted wardrobes that are not only completed to an immaculate standard, but fully fitted out with hanging rails, shelves and stunning doors to conceal your belongings.

Our larger and most luxurious properties have been designed to include a dressing room - imagine having your own dedicated space to try your outfits on before going out!

Storage in a Brookworth Homes property is not overlooked and we have taken great care to provide homeowners with the very best. Take the humble wardrobe for example which has been elevated in its appearance, so you’ll find motion-sensor lighting for the ultimate in luxury and convenience when it comes to finding your desired outfit.

As well as storage space for your clothing, our brand-new homes also include high-specification storage space for your entertainment system. Inside some Brookworth Homes properties, we have provided pre-fitted media units to help you enjoy a clean, contemporary look whilst enjoying the latest in modern media technology.

Every square foot of each of our brand new Brookworth Homes properties has been designed with contemporary living in mind - even under-stairs cupboards have been created to ensure that no space has gone to waste, thus providing you with plenty of room to store your belongings.


Considered the hub of the home, we are very aware that storage space in a kitchen is most critical when it comes to improving the lives of those living within a Brookworth Homes property - in a previous article 10 ways to achieve a practical and beautiful kitchen, we explored how storage continues to play a vital role in kitchen design.

Our modern kitchens incorporate streamlined storage systems to maximise the space without impacting on the aesthetics of the overall kitchen. Some obvious examples of this are integrated appliances, but it’s the subtle details that, we believe, make the real difference and which make Brookworth Homes stand out from the rest.

Cutlery inserts in our kitchen drawers are one such example. They do their job perfectly, whilst adding a small element of surprise and luxury to your kitchen.

In some of our kitchen layouts, Le Mans corner units not only maximise storage space, but also provide easy access to your cooking essentials in your kitchen cupboards. And where possible, we also incorporate ‘pharmacy style’ pull-out units to give you somewhere to keep your ingredients whilst sectioned drawers help keep you organised.

If you’re moving to a Brookworth Homes property from a traditional kitchen, we guarantee you’ll love the difference these design details will make.

Utility & Garaging

Where suitable, we aim to include utility rooms inside our Brookworth Homes properties. These are perfect at providing somewhere dedicated to storing cleaning supplies and appliances, whilst keeping them discreetly hidden out of everyday sight and allowing plenty of space when it’s ‘laundry day’.

Garages are another area where the Brookworth Homes difference can be felt - we take great care to make sure that the garage doesn’t feel like an empty forgotten area of the home, but is instead a staple, connected and useful part of your property. 

All of the garages are of an ample size, so that no matter what the size of vehicle you wish to park, you’re sure to be able to fit it comfortably and securely within. They are also fully equipped with power and lighting means, and in some cases finished with beautiful Minoli porcelain flooring, so if you wish to use the garage as storage space for something other than your vehicle, it will feel like somewhere you can easily keep clean and accessible.

Storage solutions can be a serious consideration for people moving and at Brookworth Homes we understand this, which is why we obsess over the tiny details to make sure your moving experience is nothing short of exceptional. 

If you are planning to move, but have any questions or concerns over the number of possessions that will be moving with you, feel free to ask your representative about the storage solutions incorporated into your Brookworth Homes property. We would be delighted to arrange a viewing and show you the storage details in person.

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