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21ST AUGUST 2023

What should you do after reserving a new build property with Brookworth Homes?

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If you’re a first time buyer, or perhaps you have never purchased a new build property before, we’ve prepared this useful guide to help you understand what to expect after you reserve your new home with Brookworth Homes. We’ve also included the actions you may need to take to help ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

At Brookworth Homes, we’ve gone to great lengths to make sure the reservation process is simple and straightforward, and that it reflects our values of quality and refinement that shine through every aspect of the homes we create.

Making your reservation

We are always delighted to welcome new neighbours into a Brookworth Homes development, so when you’ve decided which Brookworth Homes property type is right for you, our sales representatives will guide you through the reservation process to ensure you can secure your dream Brookworth Homes property.

The reservation process is tailored to each specific location and is dependent on what stage of the build process the development you are interested in has reached. If you have any questions on the reservation process, please feel free to ask the sales representative at the respective Brookworth Homes development. 

At all Brookworth Homes developments, upon completion of the reservation process you’ll be provided with paperwork confirming the purchase price and the date and time contracts are to be exchanged. You will also be given the anticipated legal completion date and be required to pay the reservation fee.

The legal and financial process

Mortgage finance

If you need a mortgage to finance the purchase of your new home, you’ll need to inform your lender or mortgage broker that you’ve found a property that is within your affordability limit and confirm to them that you would like to start progressing your mortgage application.

Appoint a solicitor

Now is also a good time, if you haven’t already done so, to instruct a solicitor to look after the legal side of the buying process on your behalf. 

At the point of reservation you will be asked for your solicitor’s details and if appropriate, the details of the sale of your current property. This will ensure things run smoothly and that the exchange of contracts and your completion date are both met. 

Pay the deposit

Once the legal searches have been completed and you have received your mortgage offer, it’s now time to transfer your deposit funds in time for exchange of contracts.

Exchange of contracts

Once your mortgage offer has been received and your solicitor has concluded their searches, you will be able to exchange contracts. This means from a legal perspective the property is officially yours and you’ll hopefully be moving in soon.

Personalising your new home

When you reserve your new property at a Brookworth Homes development, depending on the stage of the build process and how close the property is to being completed, you may have the option to customise various fixtures, fittings and finishes. This allows you to make your home more personal and bespoke to your taste and lifestyle before you move in. 

Be sure to ask the sales representative what stage of the build process your new home is at and find out what options are available to you.

To help you decide what personalisation options would be suitable for your new home, you may benefit from a design consultation from one of our interior design partners, or prefer to arrange an additional viewing at the property to help you measure up for furniture or curtains. 

Feel free to talk to your Brookworth Homes sales representative who would be delighted to arrange either of these on your behalf.

Preparing for your move

Declutter before you pack

Moving home is a great opportunity to take a fresh look at everything you own, to consider whether it’s still useful to you and whether it needs to be part of your new life or if it’s time to declutter and start fresh. 

Thankfully Brookworth Homes properties come with stunning built-in wardrobes so you may not need to physically move your existing ones, as well as a range of pre-installed smart storage solutions.

Book your removals firm

Once you have your anticipated completion date, it's a good time to book a removals firm. Doing this as early as possible is highly recommended as they can get incredibly booked up so it will help you secure a date that’s right for you.

The same goes for ordering furniture. Lead times can often be protracted so it's a good time to get larger items purchased as soon as possible and delivery booked to arrive for when you move in.

Notify your utilities

Don’t forget to tell your bank and insurance companies that you’re moving home as well as your gas and electricity suppliers, internet service providers and any subscription services you have. 

Once you’re settled in, you’ll also need to update your driving licence and registered details of your vehicle to your new address.

Moving day

Also known as completion day, once the legal side of the completion process has been finalised and the transfer of funds has been completed successfully, you’ll be given a time slot in which to collect your keys and you can then move in.

Our Brookworth Homes sales representative will welcome you to your new home and accompany you on your moving day. This helps us ensure the high quality finish is exactly as you expected and that you’re happy to move in. 

During the visit we’ll also take all of your first meeting readings and we’ll explain your NHBC Warranty and how to report any issues that arise, so that you feel totally happy with your new home from day one.

Contact our sales representatives 

If you have already reserved your new property with Brookworth Homes, we hope this guide has proved helpful and that our tips remain useful as you get closer to your moving in day.

If you have any questions about any of our Brookworth Homes developments or would like more detail on the reservation process, please feel free to contact us and our sales representatives will be happy to help. 

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